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Blockchain and database

Blockchain is a special kind of database and it is capable of storing and recording information that is later secured by exceptional cryptographical designs. Blockchain is a decentralized ledger so it isn't controlled by any central authorities like banks or any financial institution. The innovative and unique design makes Blockchain a secure space for information. Data within the Blockchain can't be deleted, altered, manipulated, or misused at all.

Blockchain is the technology capable of supporting a variety of applications associated with numerous industries such as digital currency, finance, supply chain, production, etc.

Smart contracts

The features that are supplied by the Blockchain are extended in the Smart Contracts, from a ledger for monetary trade to a broad assortment of domains and functionalities. They're algorithms, that are fully coded are set of some principles or rules, and those rules are agreed by all the parties running the Blockchain having no fear of any security failure. Since the Smart Contracts run within a distributed ledger Blockchain, they follow the same principles and attributes from the prior such as immutability, transparency, and safety.

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