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Certcase.io specialises in futuristic technology with a mission to help organisations explore innovative technologies for their business. With the advent of Blockchain tech, CertCase.io has developed various tools & modules for Industries where they can use Blockchain for their business & not only scale up their offerings, but also use the trust, security which a Blockchain offers.


Offering the Blockchain & other futuristic technologies to organisations helping them scale up their efficiency & growth.


Help organisations of all scale to maximise their potential, by implementing futuristic technologies in their business.

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Our Team

CertCase.io has been launched by serial tech entrepreneurs & brothers – Nishir & Maulik Gordhandas.

Technovating Business being their motto, Nishir & Maulik have kept innovation at their forefront, bringing in the latest & the most advanced technology. With a team specialising in Blockchain, CertCase.io looks forward to help maximum clients take up to Blockchain for their business.

We feel extremely blessed that we have a team full of talented and creative people. We learn something new from each other every day. There is nothing better than engaging with people you like and respect, with everyone contributing ideas and perspectives.

Nishir Gordhandas

CEO, NWDCo Software Solutions LLP Founder CEO NWDCo - Hong Kong

Maulik Gordhandas

Director, NWDCo Software Solutions LLP COO, NWDCo - Hong Kong
+91 9892102313